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The ImprovedLives Foundation teams are important to the ultimate goal of our organization—to help impoverished people become self-sustaining. Their generosity of time, money and talent are appreciated by the ImprovedLives Foundation and the people whose lives they touch.

Our team members take time off their busy schedules to render probono services, including designing webpages, critiquing our editorial materials, drawing curriculums, giving expertise opinions on marketing and fundraising, as well as supporting us with their money. Their dedication is an inspiration to others who will follow in their footsteps. Their spirit brings hope and joy to the people we serve.

The Improvedlives team is made up of experienced professionals and college students with the skills needed to manage our projects, with experts from neural sciences, social sciences, clinical medicine, public health administration, optometry, financial and strategic management, and environmental science.

Currently, our team members are as follows:

Klutse Courage Kwashie – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Yaw Nyanteh – Director of Operations

Dr. Yaw Boafo Kusi Fordjour – President

Dr. Opuni Asiama – Head, Web Marketing Committee

Rukaiya Yamyolia – Financial and Strategic Management Advisor

Elaina Stover – Head, Programs Advisor and Academic Curriculum Committee

Dr. Bennett Antwi – HealthAid Officer

Dr. Prince Nuamah – HealthAid Officer

Anthony Kofi Annan – Project Manager

Daniel Korang — Project Manager

Ansah Seth — Head, Marketing Committee

Emmanuel Klutse — Student Mentor

Dr. Confidence Duku — Data/Information Management Officer

More importantly are our student volunteers who have generously given their time and energy to help the underprivileged societies. Their tireless efforts to implement our programs on a weekly basis are many times a daunting task. The obstacles they face are overwhelming yet they always maintain a smile and an optimistic attitude.

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We are building growing relationships with partners (in and out of Ghana) that have helped us engage with communities, institutions, agencies and individuals to establish a local and international network.

Such partnerships are essential to our programs’ sustainability in the rural schools we support and represent an equally valuable component of our ImprovedLives team.

Apr 30 - BE A MENTOR TODAY [please click to read more]

As a mentor, you will receive free training in Project Management. Your experience with the foundation will prepare you to work with larger organizations such as the UNICEF, WHO…

Apr 8 - Donation at Adaase M/A Primary and Junior High School [click to read more...]

ImprovedLives Foundation today donated stationary materials including pens and pencils to the teachers and pupils of Adaase M/A Primary and Junior High School.

Jan 26 - Support Us

Please kindly donate your old clothings, textbooks, pens, pencils etc.

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