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ImprovedLives Foundation is a program that is in direct urgent response to the consistently poor quality standards of education for pupils in the rural basic schools.

What we do is offer the underprivileged pupil in rural basic schools the opportunity to use their education to improve the quality of conditions in their lives and environment.

Pupils in Classroom

The program is positioned to be most accessible to young children who otherwise may never have the chance to good quality education, most likely be found hawking in the streets, involved in child labor and even end up in some social vices.

Why we do this is because many Ghanaian children are out of school or receive spotty, sub-par educations. Children start primary school with the hope of staying in school until they write their Basic School Certification Examination at the completion of their Junior High School education. However, not all these children are able to continue up to the completion of this level of education. Some leave school prematurely.

Basic school dropout rate is very prevalent in rural communities where many of the inhabitants are victims of poverty.

Additionally, a pupil cannot enter the second cycle institutions without passing the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) exams. Aggregate 30 is the cut-off point for selection of candidates into various programmes in Senior Secondary Schools and Technical Institutions. The BECE results from the basic schools in rural areas are worse than results from their urban counterparts. There are some rural areas where not a single pupil has passed the BECE for the past decade.

Our goal is to help these children overcome those obstacles so that they can realize their potential.

How we help is by providing mentoring programs. ImprovedLives’ mentoring programs pairs a pupil with mentor for one academic year.

During that time the two participate in weekly planned activities aimed at strengthening the relationship between the two and improving the pupil’s understanding of literature, encourage motivation to pursue academic success, and performance in class.

Mentors interacting with pupils in our programs

A college student volunteer is matched with a youth under the following programs:

Groundbreakers: Groundbreakers is the central program of ImprovedLives. The school pupils and their mentors participate in a structured academic program.

Makeover: Makeover focuses on pupils who chronically fail in class in the primary schools.

WideReacher: Widereacher programs focuses on rural basic schools located more than 90 minutes drive from the campuses of the tertiary institutions.

HealthAids: HealthAids are a group of medical students who have volunteered to take care of the health needs of the children under the ImprovedLives programs.

Mentors receive continuous training (guided by the ImprovedLives training manual) throughout the year. The foundation is currently developing its own curriculum with help of trained professionals and experts from various fields.


We also run Parental Counseling Programs in our targeted rural communities

In the long run, ImprovedLives will create a learning environment in the rural communities that will be an invaluable motivational resource to young people and the community at large.

Our Mission

ImprovedLives seeks to promote high quality education for needy Ghanaian children through:

Commitment: ImprovedLives seeks to inspire confidence, focus and diligence towards academic work, and instill a sense of hope in the future.

Responsibility: our focus is to empower the pupils in establishing goals and following through on academic commitments.

Possibility: ImprovedLives wants to expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities in today’s world.  One of the barriers to developments in Africa is the problem of access and efficient use of energy. There is opportunity for students to gain the skills needed to solve the challenges of the 21st Century. Therefore ImprovedLives will achieve goals of literacy and sustainability literacy. ImprovedLives, with the prerequisite resources, will expand its mentorship recruitment training program to include all students who have completed their senior secondary education.

Support: ImprovedLives seeks to surround the pupils in a caring, inclusive learning environment.

Keys to Success

  • Establish a strong network of support with the rural schools, education directorates, student associations, and other necessary agencies for achieving the objectives of the program.
  • Launch a series of fundraising activities that will successfully fund the expanding program.
  • Establish an effective training program for mentors that will increase their ability to be successful communicators, achieving the objectives of the program.
  • Establish an effective monitoring and evaluating system that will help measure the performance of the pupil and the mentor.

Apr 30 - BE A MENTOR TODAY [please click to read more]

As a mentor, you will receive free training in Project Management. Your experience with the foundation will prepare you to work with larger organizations such as the UNICEF, WHO…

Apr 8 - Donation at Adaase M/A Primary and Junior High School [click to read more...]

ImprovedLives Foundation today donated stationary materials including pens and pencils to the teachers and pupils of Adaase M/A Primary and Junior High School.

Jan 26 - Support Us

Please kindly donate your old clothings, textbooks, pens, pencils etc.

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